Delta brings decades of research (see below ) and gem-lab analysis to provide the most advanced service for certifying the origin of pink and blue/violet diamonds from the Argyle mine.

Delta principal, John Chapman, a physicist formerly working in Perth for Argyle Diamonds Ltd since its early years, has been actively studying the properties of diamonds throughout his career. Besides his own published research, he initiated and was closely involved with three PhD studies into the cause of colour in Argyle pink and blue/violet diamonds.

Argyle pink and blue/violet diamonds have been found to be notably distinctive compared with those from other deposits. Their differences are observed at the atomic level, revealed by infra-red, luminescence and visible spectra. Other distinctive features include photochromic behaviour, colour heterogeneity and visible inclusions. Analyses of all these observations are used at Delta to verify an Argyle origin, while also testing for colour treatments and coatings.

Besides Argyle origin verification, Delta is able to perform other diamond analyses such as identifying lab-grown or colour-treated diamonds, or type characterising rough diamonds.

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