Delta Diamond Laboratory

Diamond Origin

Pink diamonds from the Argyle diamond mine have captured the attention of traders and consumers ever since the mine opened in the mid-1980s. These gems became prominent on account of their deep colour saturation, availability and remarkable price rises. Recently, market forces have led to a significant price premium for those coloured diamonds having the unique provenance of the Argyle mine. In order to capture this added value, credible certification of origin is vital - a 5th C.

Origin matters - make it count.

Synthetic Diamonds & Treatments

Over the past decade the technologies of lab-grown diamonds (LGDs, aka synthetics) and colour treatments have matured to be able to present diamonds across a range of colours from colourless to fancy yellows, pinks and blues. Many of these diamonds rival natural diamonds in appearance. The colour treatments can involve irradiation, high temperature or the application of a nano coating. These processes may escape declaration, either knowingly or unknowingly. DELTA is familiar with the growth and treatment technologies and is able to analyse a diamond to confirm if it is natural, lab-grown or treated.

Why certify?

Without a certificate of origin, a diamond from the Argyle mine will not be maximising its value.

DELTA is able to analyse a diamond of any size or shape with a colour that includes either a pink component or blue/violet. While the diamond should preferably be loose, in some circumstances a diamond mounted in jewellery may also be subjected to the analyses.